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At Van Aman Law, we understand the importance of your business and the need to protect it. Whether your company is dealing with a breach of contract, fighting a hostile takeover, or is fighting against someone who has wronged you, we will fight for your and your business. 

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Navigating "commercial litigation" or "business litigation" can be daunting for business owners encountering it for the first time. Commercial litigation refers to legal matters or disputes arising in the business realm that may necessitate legal intervention. In Florida and Texas, commercial litigation often revolves around various parties or entiteies embroiled in disputes. Even seemingly straightforward cases warrant attention from a commercial litigation attorney.  

Minor disputes can quickly become a complex lawsuit. An experienced business dispute attorney at Van Aman Law will find potential landmines so that you can protect your business. However, business owners often try to handle the disputes themselves may not always recognize when to speak with a lawyer. 

Below is a list of potential issues that can lead to the filing of a lawsuit:

  • Breach of contract or business agreement breach

  • Fiduciary duty breach

  • Real estate disputes

  • Construction site issues

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Breaking financial agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Employment and labor matters

While some issues can be resolved amicably, many end up in court despite efforts to resolve them internally. Thus, having a business litigation attorney who can handle disputes both in and out of court is paramount to protecting your business.

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